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Just a little warning. Don’t be scammed by Little Playland. They sell a lot of items in those ads on Facebook. Be safe, buy the same items for less money on Amazon or by a reputable company with a return/refund policy.

Little Playland deletes any negative comments within seconds and only shows you their fake good comments. Note how few there actually are next time you see an add from them.

Google it for yourself. I just want to make sure we all purchase safely.

Don’t be scammed!

Live Long and Prosper...

(yes, we learned the hard way)
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Happy Birthday Gene Roddenberry ... See MoreSee Less shared George Takei's Star Wars Land coming to Disneyland and Disney World. ... See MoreSee Less

I can't wait to head to a galaxy far, far away! Via In The Know

Fully functioning! I have two of them. Thought they didn't work but just read up on them. Ends up I was hitting the wrong power button. ... See MoreSee Less

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@thepiff and you thought I was all about magic 2 months ago

Captain Kirk and Gorn made a special appearance last night on the @colbertlateshow. Watch: Retweeted by Startrekgeeks 2 years ago

.@airandspace is asking @StarTrek fans to help in restoring a model of the USS Enterprise: Retweeted by Startrekgeeks 2 years ago

How do you win America over when you’re a sassy little dragon? Bring a dog. @ThePiff Retweeted by Startrekgeeks 3 years ago

@thepiff by far my favorite!!! 3 years ago Be sure to check this out!! 3 years ago

Please retweet if you know the connection between these two objects. Retweeted by Startrekgeeks 3 years ago

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@hedgessdd look closer. Dorn is off to the right 3 years ago